The only plausible motive: The murder of Nancy Lanza

December 25th, 2012 Written by  for

Connecticut Town Continues To Mourn Loss Of 26 In School Shooting

With thousands or even millions of people questioning the inconsistencies of the event that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, it appears that nobody is looking at possible motives for the murder of Nancy Lanza.

Could the events after her death have been made into a perfect cover to not question who may have wanted Nancy Lanza dead? If someone would have benefited from her death, would this have not turned into the perfect crime as justice for her death is not even being talked about?

Given all the inconsistencies and suspicion surrounding the school part of the shootings that day, why are authorities not talking about possible motives for Nancy Lanza’s death? There remains no plausible motive for Adam Lanza to have killed his mother and then go on a shooting spree at an elementary school for which his mother actually had no connection to. Maybe the answers to what happened that day really stem from the murder of Adam’s mother.


It had been revealed that Peter Lanza as a result of the divorce decree between him and Nancy in 2009 that Peter was ordered to first pay $240,000 per year in alimony in 2010. With the cost of living increases in the agreement, it had already risen to $289,800 in 2012. The alimony was likely to increase every year through the end of December 2023. While no one is suggesting that he murdered his ex-wife, it should be noted and investigated that he had over $3,000,000 worth of motive to have perhaps wanted Nancy Lanza dead. It is also the only logical or reasonable motive for her death that terrible day.

Neighbors are now stating that Peter and his new wife Shelley Cudiner packed up their car after hearing about the shooting, left their home and have not been seen since.


Nancy Lanza’s death has been almost completely ignored or worse. She has been victimized a second time by many blaming her for the entire school shooting. If the shooting at the school never happened, would not authorities have been trying to determine who killed Nancy Lanza? They sure should be, regardless. It is outrageous to be blaming Nancy and is getting increasingly difficult to believe that her son Adam really carried out these shootings given that so much does not make sense.

Here is a partial list of interesting questions being raised all over the internet:

  • What happened to the other possible shooters that eyewitnesses referred to being arrested at the scene and why are authorities now denying that anyone was arrested? Is this why children were lead down the street with their eyes closed?
  • If Peter Lanza is not being considered as a suspect in the shooting of his ex-wife Nancy when he is the only one so far that would seem to have a possible motive, why not?
  • Why did the new Batman movie show “Aurora” and “Sandy Hook” outlined on the map which would later be the scenes of the most horrific mass shootings in recent history?

*** EDITORS NOTE*** The reference to “AURORA” being shown on the Batman map is not accurate.  “AURORA” was actually seen on a neon sign in a different part of the Batman: Dark Knight Rises movie. ***TJW***

  • Why have so many mainstream news organizations edited out the beginning of Robbie Parker’s interview where he was first laughing and smiling and then acted like a bad actor trying to hyperventilate to appear distraught before the cameras while speaking with cue cards reflecting on his daughter Emilie? The unedited beginning of his interview can be found here.
  • Why does Emilie Parker pictured in a family portrait appear to be the exact same girl still alive in a picture with Obama at the memorial service AFTER her supposed death?
  • Why was Emilie Parker’s facebook fund put up just hours after the tragedy on the same day? Who was responsible for its creation and asking for money so soon after the shooting? Wouldn’t her parents be in shock that day instead of creating facebook pages and setting up a bank account?
  • Does the car reported to have been found on the scene with a shotgun in the trunk actually belong to a Christopher A. Rodia, not Nancy Lanza? If the vehicle in question was not his mom’s car, then how did Adam supposedly get to the school?
  • Have none of the families of the children been able to see their children’s bodies even before being buried? If not, why not? No body, no crime.
  • Was Adam Lanza shot at his home along with his mom and brought to the school to be blamed for the shooting? Why was Nancy’s funeral at an undisclosed location and no mention of Adam’s funeral?
  • If Adam was found with only his mother’s hand guns, how could he have been the shooter if the Medical Examiner claims all the children were hit with a long rifle? How could one person have gotten off over 100 shots in just a few minutes if there was only one shooter using just hand guns?



  • Real friends of Adam and Nancy are finally coming forward. Their recollection of these 2 people is very different from what has been portrayed about them. Adam Lanza was a vegan because he never wanted to hurt animals. Does that sound like the monster he has been portrayed to be? Nancy never complained to anyone about being afraid of Adam or him ever being violent. She was worried about his future because he was afraid to associate with people. Does that sound like someone who wanted to go out on a shooting rampage in a public place?



  • Was the school part of the shooting spree an emergency response exercise using paid crisis actors funded by a grant from our federal government?
  • Why were family members not allowed to help identify children’s bodies? Why did authorities first say that the bodies would stay in the school until Sunday and then announce Saturday that they were removed over night? Why such secrecy involving the removal of victims’ bodies?

We know that whatever the scope of the real tragedy on December 14, 2012, it has quickly turned into an excuse to ban guns throughout our nation. The fact that Connecticut already had an assault weapons’ ban on the books and proved to not save anyone that day seems to continue to go unreported. That fact obviously does not fit into the agenda of banning even more guns.

One thing is for certain, many Americans are not buying the official story of what supposedly happened in CT as even the official story seems to change and become more unbelievable with each passing day. So what really happened that day and who is responsible? The public deserves the truth and the victims deserve justice.

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  • Nancy Lanza’s son should change is last name such as Huse-Champion.


  • Interesting turn. They always say in the crime shows, “Follow the money!” and 3 million is a lot of money. It would also explain one of the witnesses claiming that the gunman was demanding to be let in to the locked room. Perhaps it was Adam, trying to hide.


  • Nancy Lanza is the Dorothy Ryan of New England. Adam Lanza was cremated and they have to pretend he never exists. So, all of the ancestors related to Adam Lanza should swear an oath not to have children so the bloodline dies with them. They have to pull the example of Adolf Hitler’s grandnephews, Alexander, Louis, and Brian Stuart-Houston.


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  • Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back.


  • It is all very strange and should be a wake up call to all those in tell a vision land .


    • agreed Hopefully more people wake up to the fact that things aren’t quite what they seem to be.


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