Sandy Hook Shootings is surely a false flag












The credentials of this video are seemingly getting more and more authenticated as more and more information continues to surface.

In this video, you can see the first man comming out laughing and in other videos of him one can hear him saying ” should I read off the card”.

For this father to have lost his daughter , many see it as there really shouldn’t be any laughing going on what so ever, not in this situation.

So why is he laughing? He surely is being asked to appear on camera quite soon after such a tragic event.

What other also are compiling is the fact that the shootings during the film batman, the cities are turning up in that movie which just happens to also inclue ” Newtown”, what a coincedenc is that, not to mention other cites which can be viewed in the presented video.

There definately seems to be many things wrong with this shooting incident. The parents appear on camera so soon after these killings and on the mainstream media something is odd with that.

All the parents being interviewed have no tears, which surely there should be some kind of tears. Just as with the teacher.

This first video shows the pretend actors

This video shows how all the information being compiled is beginning to prove facts that this just might be a false flag.

This video is pretty convincing considering the facts that Lanza’s father was involved in the banking industry. As one article mentioned and a good point , when the mother of Lanza was shot.

The boy was probably a cover up for this situation. With the mother gone the father would not have to pay any more alimony to her. She was being paid quite a pretty penny and lived in a million dollar home she also did not have to work.

The man involved in the movie theater his father was also involved in the banking industry. The video goes into much more depth about their fathers and is quite interesting leaving many with a lot of quesitons to at least think about.

If anybody is aware of what is going on with our country and as some would put it ” awake” they understand the importance of all this information.

Others must research deeper to learn what is truely going on with our government and understand that we are being controlled by them.

The shootings can be viewed as a mental attack on Americans just as 911 was. The globalist are totaly on cue with knowing how to get into the minds and emotions of American people.






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